Playground page for the XML Course

For practical exercises, the XML software is installed in the IFI CIP Pool.

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XML Examples

The small "books" example (books.xml, books.dtd) of the lecture is available in the directory

Data-centric XML: The Mondial XML database

In the course, a nested XML version of the Mondial database is used.

You find also all Mondial XML files in the directory /afs/

Text-oriented XML: Shakespeare's Plays

A more text-oriented example uses Shakespeare's plays by John Bosak.
The files (XML and DTD) are installed at /afs/ .

Mixed Text- and Database-oriented XML: DBIS publication list

The following files are available in the directory
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XML Tools and Links

Browsing, editing

Validation, Navigation, Exploration

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Parts of XPath are also supported by xmllint (see above).
XPath queries can be executed using several tools:
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W3C documents: Used in this course:
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XSLT Stylesheets

The main use for XSLT stylesheets is the transformation fom XML to XML or to HTML (see also below).
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Transformation Stylesheets

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SQL/XML under Oracle

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Tomcat/Web Services

Note: tomcat is not a full-fledged Web Server (like the Apache Web Server), but a Web Servlet Container with a simple Web Server. It does not host (plain HTML) Web pages, but Web Services. Tomcat can be run in an Apache Web Server to have both together. Here, we deal with tomcat only.

Students can install tomcat on their computers at home, and even install/run it in their accounts on the computers in the CIP Pool:

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